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Step 5 of ATS 5 Step Program

Family Orientation & Support The fifth and final step of the program is family orientation and support. Recent meetings with some parents have brought up the term team and we like this because it takes a team of individuals working together to bring change. Family or people around the person with the addiction do not […]

Step 4 of ATS 5 Step Program

Group Psychotherapy Step four of the program in the psycho-educational groups is focused on understanding is knowledge, knowledge is the power to change. This is what we teach in the psycho-education room. In this psycho-educational room, we want to apply what patients learned in an educational component to group psychotherapy. Everybody who comes into this […]

Step 3 of 5 Step Program

Psycho-Educational Groups The third step in our five-step plan is psycho-educational groups. What these do is discuss the concepts specifically designed for our program with each patient. Cognitive behavioral therapies are used, to not just react to a feeling but use that cognition before you behave. There are various concepts in this method to attempt […]

Step 2 of ATS 5 Step Program

Individual Therapy As mentioned in step one of the five-step plan, we help with a variety of disorders and will detox a patient. The next step of the plan is individual counseling. A lot of people come in with a variety of different underlying conditions that are manifested in substance abuse. Depression and anxiety can […]

Step 1 of ATS 5 Step Program

Medical Assistance Here at Addiction Treatment Strategies, we use a five-point program to address needs related to addiction. First and foremost, we will assure you’re medically okay. Most patients do come needing some level of detoxification from alcohol, opiates, or benzos. First, the therapist will evaluate news history and mental health background for the patient. […]

How ATS Approaches Addiction

Addiction Problem – Moral vs Scientific Approach The first step in solving an addiction problem is to describe the problem. Conventional wisdom has indicated that addiction is a moral problem. In the 1930s the political climate in the United States, or all over the world with for that matter. People had substance abuse disorders or […]