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How Long Will It Take To Recover From My Addiction?

First and foremost I would someone 30 days of a rehab program is not going to fix anything. Perhaps what it might be able to do is isolate you for a short period of time to decrease the probability that you might use a substance for 30 days. Given the definition of addiction is a chronic relapse disease in which the structure and function of the brain have changed, it also depends on the age of onset, when you used, what you were using, and how long you used it.

Neurological changes aren’t going to occur in thirty days. The part people need to understand is the model currently used does not have effective outcomes. It is an initiation of a 30-day program followed up by a short period of time of sobriety back in the real world and then going back to rehab again. Our number of rehabs for patients at ATS for people who are here is already 4. Most of our patients have been to 4 rehabs before they get here. They then find out as a result of teaching them to think differently, teaching them to have some sort of impulsive control, often times the average length of time that people spend at ATS in our programs is about 24 months.

At that time they are able to have a lot more positive control, they’re understanding the coping mechanism, they understand what stressors are for them, they are able to make healthier decisions, and they are least likely to go back to a pattern of using something that’s going to hurt them. Even after 24 months, it takes some extended period of time where people practice behaviors so it’s really important to change your behavior change your understanding and understand for the most part addiction is an impulse control disorder that reciprocated by stress. So if we teach people to think differently, how to handle stress and teach them coping strategies it decreases the probability they will rely on a substance to handle a new stressor in their life.

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