Addiction Treatment Strategies Testimonials

We don’t treat addiction. We treat people with an addiction.

***I told them all that they would remain anonymous so I’m not sure if we want to make up first names? I have picked out parts of each that we would like to post though.

-42 year old male patient:

Since coming to ATS I have learned a lot about the underlying physiological reasons for addiction as well as management strategies. My interactions with the staff have been meaningful and they have a personal interest in the lives and outcomes for each patient. Throughout my time as an ATS patient I have made a consistent effort to apply SOD/SED in my life, which has contributed to increased self-satisfaction with myself, less depression, more happiness, and a renewed sense of energy and zest for life that has been sidelined due to abuse.

-33 Year old male patient:

I came to ATS looking for psychological evaluation due to my violent behavior, substance abuse, and obsessive thinking about negative thoughts. I have learned to apply better structure, organization, discipline and understand the importance of sleep, exercise, and diet. I have also learned about human behavior, mood, attitude, the brain, perception, and interpretation all combine to influence a healthy or unhealthy life. I now live in the moment and embrace the process of life- good, bad, or in between. I don’t get hung up on things or obsess as much and always look for the silver lining. Road blocks are nothing but opportunity for growth and I’m eager about life.

-25 year old male patient:

I came to ATS for an opiate addiction and in the process have become mentally capable of recognizing patterns in my behavior and use. I use facts to determine my behaviors instead of emotions. I now am holding down a good job, able to pay my bills, and stay stable and healthy.

-58 year old male patient:

At ATS I have learned to retrain my brain by using CBT. I have learned to cope ith stressful and uncomfortable situations using PARs, introspection, and practicing these in everyday circumstances. I have learned its okay to feel emotions deeply (grief, anger, anxiety, etc). The staff have been professional, non-judgmental, caring, and always available. The treatment is inexpensive compared to other treatment centers and they stress long-term treatment. You receive long-term care compared to the standard 30-day facilities. I am almost 2 years in my journey at ATS and I can honestly say I am stronger, and mentally healthier than ever before in my adult life. Between ATS and my relationship with God I now have the life skills to deal with whatever life throws at me. AS gave me the scientific application to use and the bible gave me the roadmap to implement them.

-24 year old male patient:

ATS is one of the only places in the US that will bring you sobriety. They have the same concepts and principles that I believe to be true. AA will not bring sobriety nor will God, but understanding science and yourself will. No other treatment like it. Vacation rehabs don’t work.

-53 year old male patient:

ATS teaches you why you have an addiction. It is not your fault and there is no reason to be ashamed. These folks are genuine and they want to help. This is more than a 30-60 day court ordered program. It is about retraining your brain and makes you think about your actions before use begins again. I have experienced alcohol abuse and after realizing things needed to change, I found ATS. I actually look forward to coming to classes and then information given out is very eye-opening about addiction. In the 3 weeks I have been here there has been a huge knowledge learned and turnaround in my behavior. I’m looking forward to the future with ATS.

-29 year old female patient:

I have learned that this is something I will have to work at every day to be stable ad healthy and to never underestimate how powerful addiction really is. The staff at ATS are all very invested in each patient. They show true care and concern and are always available to your needs. Since coming here I am now stable and healthy versus unstable and sick. Things have been up and down lately but I am getting better every day.

-64 year old female patient:

I first came to ATS to get control of drinking alcohol and have learned to stop drinking at 2 wines. I also go to social events now without drinking anything at all and can now have fun without drinking alcohol. I walk 45 mins each day with 1 hour being my goal. I have learned to control my behavior and am much healthier and happier. I am continuing to learn more about myself through journaling and feel good about what I have accomplished by sticking to the checklist and other ATS principles. I have lost weight and have more energy. I no longer wake up with hangovers and have a lot less stress. I feel way better about myself and who I am now.

-46 year old female patient:

I have realized my addiction is not something I choose or wanted to do, it’s a chemical process that can or lead to anxiety or depression. I have realized that my drug use was affecting a lot more than just myself. I have not used since last July 2017, and I feel like a completely different but well, human being. The staff are extremely family like. ATS is a place where I feel safe and not feel out of place. The staff allow you to share your feelings/thoughts without immediate judgement. I think I’m a more healthy me- physically and emotionally. I feel stronger and keep getting stronger. My relationship with my family is much better and calming.

-26 year old male patient:

I was at rock bottom and fighting for my life and needed help when I came to ATS. I now can look at situations, assess the issue and move around it without negative consequences. I am now a lot different and look at life with an open mind and actually cherish life now instead of dreading to even wake up. I have matured so much as father, husband, and overall person.

-39 year old female patient:

I have been gradually getting healthier at ATS. I have opened up in group more and it feels wonderful. I have started following a daily plan that is helping with my procrastination problem. I have learned a lot about myself and the way the brain functions. Shortly after starting the program I went from unemployed to employed. My relationship with my children has significantly improved. I cannot say enough about John, Ellyn, and Carole. I have never encountered people who are passionate about their work and invested in their clients. They provide a safe, caring, and supportive environment for their clients. Since coming to ATS I can now look into my family’s eyes ad be much more truthful with them. My life was so full of lies before and it was exhausting and the guilt I felt was terrible. I am able to wake up every morning and actually get things accomplished on my to do list. Before the program I couldn’t function like that when I was using. I am gaining back some of my motivation and confidence.

-33 year old male patient:

My experience at ATS has been excellent. Knowing that I am not being judged or treated like “another addict” has probably been one of my best experiences. I have learned about myself and how my brain works. I’ve learned how important SOD and SED are and why you should stick to these basic rules. I am in a better place in my job and my marriage. My wife and I were close to splitting up and now are better than we’ve ever been. I am actually happy with myself now, something I haven’t felt in a quite a while.

-51 year old male patient:

I have learned about the neurobiological implications in addiction. I am now a lot smarter, calmer, have better relationships and self-esteem.

-40year old female patient:

I came to ATS to help get healthy, to stay healthy, to learn what addiction is, and what it does to the body. I have learned that I am not a bad person, that I have an addiction that can be treated. Before coming to ATS I was depressed and I could hardly get out of bed. I had no hope for my future, I couldn’t keep a job, my relationships were in turmoil and today, I am truly happy. I am “living” again. I have a job, my relationship have healed, I feel healthy physically and mentally. I am excited for my future. The ATS staff is nothing less than amazing. They have helped me get back on my feet, made me realize I am worthy, that I have potential, and they help me everyday to make healthy choices.

-43 year old female:

The staff is wonderful, caring, competent, helpful, and engaging. I am journaling, paying more attention to self-care and using new tools now.