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Step 2 of ATS 5 Step Program

Individual Therapy

As mentioned in step one of the five-step plan, we help with a variety of disorders and will detox a patient. The next step of the plan is individual counseling. A lot of people come in with a variety of different underlying conditions that are manifested in substance abuse. Depression and anxiety can lead to a person using substances to “medicate” and help release. This is when individual counseling is used.

Each patient has an individual plan they coordinate with staff members so when they get stable and healthy, they can rely on the plan rather than turning to substances. This plan is liable to change as a patient goes through the program and progress with them. While a patient goes through the program they will meet with their therapist two or three times a week and can contact us here at ATS any point during the program.

Contact us at (618) 692-6880 or email [email protected]

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