Drug Addictions vs. Food Addictions

Are Food Addictions similar to Drug Addictions?

Both drug addictions vs. food addictions are very similar neurobiological processes. The brain reacts to stimulation which means in the case of an addiction to something, particular reward pathways evolved from nucleus accumbens to the ventral tegmental area which response normally to food, water, nurturing and sex. The first one being food. Food is also an extremely addictive substance to a lot of people only because it makes people feel good and they can also use it as a coping strategy. The downside of being addicted to food is it’s a slow and tedious process and there’s not much immediately validity to using that people find themselves having a difficult time stopping eating or controlling their ability to do that because of the neurological changes that have occurred in the motivations system to eat food.

In reality, the more food I eat not only is it more rewarding to me it’s also, I’m more motivated to eat food. A large component of an addiction to food is exactly like an addiction to any other substance other than the speed at which people can become addicted. Heroin addiction and food addiction are the same, other than some differences the neurobiological processes in terms of changes in the in the stomach and changes in the neurobiology of food. They both also hold lethal potential, just like any other substance addiction.

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