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Drug Addictions vs. Food Addictions

Are Food Addictions similar to Drug Addictions? Both drug addictions vs. food addictions are very similar neurobiological processes. The brain reacts to stimulation which means in the case of an addiction to something, particular reward pathways evolved from nucleus accumbens to the ventral tegmental area which response normally to food, water, nurturing and sex. The […]

Alcoholism in Families

If You Grew Up In A Family With Alcohol and Drug Addiction, How Can You Cope? With alcoholism in families, there are a number of components for which anyone should be concerned, primarily the genetic components of an addiction and the genetic components of mental health or mental illness issue which is about 60%. If […]

What Are Co-occurring Disorders?

What Are Co-occurring Disorders? Co-occurring disorders are relatively new with regards to the vernacular of treating people with an addiction. even though it is quite common for people who have studied human behavior. Most individuals do not have one particular component of a mental illness. Often time, people have components of anxiety and depressions, sometimes […]

Addiction Recovery

How Long Will It Take To Recover From My Addiction? First and foremost I would someone 30 days of a rehab program is not going to fix anything. Perhaps what it might be able to do is isolate you for a short period of time to decrease the probability that you might use a substance […]

Why is Fentanyl Dangerous?

Why is Fentanyl Dangerous? Most individuals who have an addiction are looking to recreate the initial high they had the first time they tried it. What’s happening as a result of that is, people who are selling the drugs, manufacturing, or adding to heroin or other substances, whether they’re cutting it with doorman, cutting it […]

Why Don’t Addicts Just Stop?

Why Don’t Addicts Just Stop Drinking, Taking Pills, or Shooting Up? If people could just stop using or quit using then they wouldn’t have an addiction. Consequently, the diagnostic criteria involve a compulsion and craving to use, that’s a neurological change in the brain. This is not something that has anything to do with willpower, […]

Alcoholism Signs and Treatment

How Do You Recognize the Signs of Alcoholism and Help a Family Member? That’s a difficult question. There is a number of variables, the age of the person, in terms of whether we’re talking about a young person sixteen or seventeen, or we’re talking about someone who’s in their thirties or forties. The most simplistic […]