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What Are Some Ways Of Treating Alcoholism

The most effective strategy in dealing with any type of addiction, specifically alcohol or alcohol – because it is everywhere in the culture and encourages people to drink and it’s a social lubricant so lots of problems surround the use of alcohol. Plenty of people can consume great amounts of alcohol and not develop an […]

Response To Someone Saying Treatment Doesn’t Work

Totally understandable when someone comes in and says, “Treatment doesn’t work for me” given that the national recovery rates for patients are less than 15%. That’s characteristic of being treated with a 1930’s philosophy and what we believe has created the addiction. For sure our current approaches are evolving from a moralistic point of view […]

How To Treat A Xanax Addiction

Xanax is a benzodiazepine and ranks in the same category as alcohol in regards to withdrawal effects. Both alcohol and benzodiazepines, if withdrawn from too quickly can cause seizures in the patient. So, you have to monitor those things very carefully so there needs to be a titration schedule in order to get people slowly […]

Key differences of AA and ATS 12 Steps

Key Differences Between AA and ATS Addiction 12 Steps In some of the previous posts we’ve been looking at the differences in a twelve-step approach to addiction intervention as well as a cognitive behavior therapy approach. We were comparing and contrasting the two approaches. There’s three more to do and we’ll pick up with the […]

Do Interventions Really Work?

Do Interventions Work? Intervention and the concept of intervention are popular on television, but in regards to clinical outcomes, it’s not particularly effective. The concept is being in a position where a number of people can encourage or coerce an individual to seek treatment. That has something to do with the belief that willpower has […]

Coping Strategies for Addicts

What are some Coping Strategies for Addicts during the Holidays? The holidays really create a lot of chaos because it changes people’s routine. We’re talking about the holidays basically from Thanksgiving to the last part of November to about the middle of January with New Year’s Eve. In terms of family life and employment, people […]